Commercial / Industrial

Switch gear, MCC, VFD, Controlls, Motor Controll Center

  • New construction
  • Service calls
  • Lighting repairs / upgrades
  • Cranes & controlls
  • Equipment connections
  • Security / surveylance cameras
  • Data Cableing


Agricultural wiring, trenching, grain dryers, aeriation fans, waterers, grain bin power

  • Farm Services
  • Stock / horse waterers
  • Yard Lights
  • Generators
  • Out buildings / shops
  • Grain dryers / fans
  • Controlls and automation
  • Security / surveylance cameras


Oilfield electrical wiring, Explosionproof

  • Bio diesel plants
  • Rig shacks
  • Dog houses
  • Service rigs
  • Generator shacks
  • Tanks and controlls
  • Heaters and heat tracing


Residential wiring, home wiring, upgrades, service work, LED

  • Electrical Inspections
  • Service upgrades
  • Add circuts
  • Install lighting or fans
  • New construction
  • Hot tub connections
  • Garages
  • Troubleshoot and repairs
  • Sub panels

Overhead Wiring

Digger derrick, auger truck, power pole, ovehead wiring

  • Add, replace, or remove poles
  • Repair splices / damage
  • Add lighting

Outside Lighting

Outside lighting, LED upgrades, bucket truck, reapirs

  • Add poles / lights
  • Repair existing lights
  • Upgrade to LED lights


relamping, repair lights, upgrade lighting

  • Group relamping
  • As needed relamping
  • Keep a consistent light level and appearance

LED Lighting & Retrofits

LED Lighting, retrofit, upgrade, energy efficency

  • Reduced energy consumption and costs      
  • Improved light quality      
  • Energy savings up to 50% through the use of advanced technology      
  • Opportunity to pursue rebates and tax deductions     
  • Return on investment of 2-3 years      

Main Services

Main service, temporary, overhead, underground, upgrade, constructioon service

  • Main Service Upgrades
  • Overhead and underground
  • Overhead to underground
  • Temporary construction services


Trenching, car plugs, waterer, underground

  • Trenching from 100' to over 1000' +
  • Backfill trench
  • 3 sizes of trenchers based on job size

Services for other contractors

Services for other contractors, transformer pad, augering, trenching, main services, pull wire

  • Install transformer bases
  • Install power poles
  • Install streetlights & bases
  • Install car plugs & bases
  • Trenching & Excavating
  • Pull large wire in couduit with capstain

Heat Tracing

Heat trace, gutter melt, frozen pipe or downspouts

  • Heat tracing and controlls
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Pipes & waterlines
  • Self regulating


Generator installation, connections, gas, diesel, propane, standby power

  • Installations 
  • Calibrations
  • Permanent and temporary hookups
  • Automatic and manual transfer switches

Transfer Switches

Transfer switch installation, manual, automatic, outdoor

  • Manual transfer switches
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Indoor and outdoor rated

Service Upgrades

Service upgrade, overhead to underground, insurance requirement upgrade

  • Upgrade service ampacity or voltage
  • Upgrade to meet insurance requirements for older houses
  • Extend masts for clearance requirements
  • Overhead to underground

Mini Excavating

Mini excavating, underground wire, pipe, conduit, water lines, hoe work

  • Excavating and trenching down to 13'

Prototype Projects

prototype electrical project, controlls, cameras

Have a prototype coming up?

Need controlls done?


We keep it quiet !

Car Plugs

Car plugs, electric vehicles, chargers, repair

  • Install groundwork / bases
  • Car plug pedistals
  • Smart car plugs - IPLC
  • Car plug repairs
  • Electric car EV chargers