Lighting, Retrofits, and Re-lamping
We can handle any of your lighting needs weather it is as simple as repairing existing lights, or as complex as designing a totally new lighting layout for optimum light output and energy conservation. We can do it!

Our most common lighting services include, but are not limited to:
-Installing and repairing outside lighting
-Installing and repairing light poles
-Re-lamping fixtures
-Repairing ballasts
-Upgrading existing lighting for improved light output, color of light, and energy efficiency
-Replacing “High Intensity Discharge” lighting to T5 Fluorescents
-Replacing HPS fixture to Metal Halide fixtures
-Installation of indoor and outdoor lighting
-Security Lighting
-Changing from magnetic to Electronic ballasts
-Aisle Lighting
-Occupancy sensors/Daylight harvesting
-Low profile lighting for equipment clearance
-Explosion proof lighting
-Wash bay / Hose-down lighting
-Incandescent to fluorescent changes
-T8 to T5 retrofits

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