Farm services
We are experienced with the following list of Farm services on either your new project, service work or renovations on your existing building. We have the Knowledge and expertise to do it right.

Our most common Farm services include, but are not limited to:
-Turn key packages
-Overhead to underground service change outs
-Service upgrades
-Service calls
-Additional circuits and outlets
-Repair of heating
-Additional outlets
-Installation of indoor and outdoor lighting
-Repairing non functioning outlets
-Additions and renovations
-Converting from fuses to breakers
-Re-lamping, repairing fixtures
-Lighting upgrades, retrofits for energy conservation
-Heat tracing
-Installation of motors and motor controls
-Control circuits
-1 to 3 phase power distribution
-Specialty receptacles
-Outside, yard lighting installation and repairs
-Bucket truck work
-Trenching and hoe work

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